Choosing Your Pokie Game Mode

Online pokie games cater to two types of players: the regular and the expert player. Online pokie game developers are sensitive enough to include these options in the pokie game. Long-term players may no longer get the enjoyment they want from regular pokie games and would therefore need a more advanced game and with more challenging features. On the other hand, new players may not be as thrilled with the advanced concepts or features of the expert mode games.

To address these two player needs, the pokie game came up with two game modes.

Regular mode pokie game
This is actually the standard game play mode. Online pokie games accessed when you sign up with a casino site are on the regular or standard mode. The game is straightforward without any avant-garde characteristics or features. The player makes a bet, spin the reels and win or continue playing.
Expert mode pokie game
This is the mobile pokies game with many advanced and cutting-edge characteristics and features which are meant to improve a player’s winning opportunities. Players who choose this mode are usually those who are overly familiar with the pokie game and are now looking for more exciting ways to win prizes. The entertainment and winning aspects of the game are what these expert players love about this mode.

The Expert mode game offers the following advanced features :

Spin 5x button
This is an auto mode feature of the expert mode pokie game, where automatic spinning of the reels in 5 spin sequence is activated. This gives the player time to quickly attend to some urgent phone call or email.
Spin 10x button
It’s like the 5x button except that automatic spinning of the reels in 10 spin sequence.
Auto play button
This special feature allows players to activate the spinning of the reels in automatic mode in a preferred number of spin sequences. Players need not interact with the game software if this button is activated.
When the Auto Play button is clicked, a General tab will be displayed showing the spin setting section where the players can choose the number of spin sequence for the Auto play mode great for online pokies australia.

The next time you log-in to your favourite pokie game, you know which game mode is good for you.

Online Pokies: Free Spins

pokiesFree spins are one of the bonus features offered at online pokies. Once this feature is triggered (normally by 3 or more scatter symbols), then you get to spin the reel again without wagering additional coins. Aside from second screen bonus stages, you usually do not have any hand in the reel results. The game software has a predetermined structure that it follows when a particular bonus or game feature is triggered. This is also the case with free spins. Most online pokie games do not require your hand or intervention in going into free spin mode. The game already has it figured out and you only need to watch if your free spin will get any rewards or not.

However, there are some released online pokies that allows you to customize free spin options. These pokies allow you to choose how many free spins you would like for that particular session. Since free spin rewards can also include another free spin, then having multiple spins in one bonus round is totally possible. As a pokie player, you would most likely choose the maximum free spins allowed if an option like this is presented to you. But choosing a large number of free spins for a session comes with a price. In this case, you are going to make a trade off between the free spin number and the multipliers. Even for an expert pokie player, choosing which of these two can give you the more benefit is a very hard decision to make.

It is possible to have several calculations that could give you a basic idea on which option could be the most beneficial when chosen. For example, you chose 15 free spins with multiplier set to 3. You would then have a rough probability payout of 45 multiplied with your reel payout. If you choose 5 free spins at a higher multiplier of 5, you would have a maximum payout of 25 multiplied with your reel payout. If you will consider these calculations, then having a higher number of free spins is more beneficial than a higher multiplier. These calculations cannot be considered concrete examples though, since online pokie results are extremely random by nature. You have no sure way of grasping if you would get the maximum free spin or that you would obtain the highest multiplier. The calculation above is only an estimate and a forest-view illustration of the trade off between number of free spins and multiplier option. with the likes of microgaming and more info about micro gaming.